Serving the El Sobrante community for nearly 30 years

Caterpillar Classroom

AGES 2 - 3 Years

Our Caterpillar classroom is designed and equipped to foster the growth and development of our youngest students. The Caterpillar classroom is filled with age-appropriate toys and resources sparking exploration and play-based learning.

Butterfly Classroom

AGES 3 - 4 Years

Our Butterfly classroom captivates the imagination of our 3 to 4 year old students and facilitates cognitive, social, physical and emotional growth. Our play-based curriculum, toys and learning resources are specifically designed to nurture each child’s transition from toddler to preschooler.

Blossom Classroom

AGES 4 - 5 Years

Our Blossom classroom and play-based curriculum are designed specifically for our blossoming pre-kindergartners. We focus on cognitive, emotional, social and academic development preparing our students for kindergarten and a lifetime love of learning.

Our campus and park-like playground are designed to support exploration and creativity.

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